Compression Stockings

Medical grade graduated compression stockings are physician recommended to improve blood flow and help prevent swelling in the legs.

Compression stockings help manage tired, aching legs, moderate to severe varicose veins, and edema. Constant standing or sitting can impede the flow of blood to the heart. By wearing compression socks it helps to promote the venous blood flow from the feet back toward the heart overcoming the effects of gravity. The compression is designed to be stronger in the feet and gradually diminish in pressure as they extend up the leg.

Compression stockings:

  • Help improve blood flow.
  • Help keep fluid from pooling in the legs.
  • Help relieve symptoms caused by varicose veins, skin ulcers, and deep vein thrombosis.
  • Help prevent problems caused by things like skin ulcers.
  • Will help the most if you wear them every day while you're awake, especially while you're on your feet.

At Total Rehab Centre stockings are professionally fitted and dispensed on-site by a trained and registered compression stocking fitter.


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